An ideal educational tool for teachers and education staff to help students explore spirituality, identity, purpose and faith. Kleer Series is an appropriate, engaging and creative resource to use in any education setting for student aged 12 plus.

1.     Build into Curriculum lessons such as Religious Education, English, Poetry, Media, Philosophy,

      PSHE (UK), Citizenship or as Speaking & Listening activities

2.     Use as lesson starters for any relevant subject

3.     Show in Assemblies or tutor time

4.     Perfect for Breakfast, lunchtime or after school clubs

5.     Use in Small groups or small group mentoring

Kleer Series will make a positive contribute towards the spiritual, moral,

social and cultural (SMSC) development of your school community. 


Adaptable: Tailor to any group size and adapt timings dependent upon your group requirements.

Easy to use: Minimum preparation time is needed by Teachers. Just press play, watch the video with your group. Facilitate conversations via one to one, small groups or as a whole group discussion.

Engaging material: Relevant for young people aged 12 plus from any faith background or none. There is no assumption of prior knowledge, no religious experience necessary, and no use of complicated religious terminology.

Connected: Use all 24 sessions individually or as sets of four to form a connected theme. Use as a stand-alone curriculum or integrate with your other lesson plans for any relevant subject.


Try the first four sessions or buy the whole series today.